Eve Kazik

RMR, CCR, CRI - President

Eve has been an official and freelance court reporter since 1986, providing realtime and CART services. She taught court reporting at Delgado Community College.

Lainey Margavio

CCR - President Elect

Lainey became a certified stenotype reporter in 1999. As a freelance reporter, she has reported a variety of depositions and hearings utilizing her realtime capabilities.

Kathy Kovacevich

RPR, CCR - Vice President

Kathy worked in television in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets for several years before becoming a court reporter in 2002.

Susan Rumsfeld

CCR - Secretary

Susan has been a freelance and official court reporter since 1996. She began her career in Texas where she is also certified. Susan came to New Orleans in 1999 and has worked full-time.

Peter Gilberti

CCR - Treasurer

Peter has been an official and freelance court reporter since 1981. He has also instructed court reporting at Verbatim Academy of Court of Reporting from 1990 to 2010.

Vincent Borrello

CCR, RPR - 2 year Freelance

Vincent has been an official and freelance court reporter since 1991, providing court and deposition realtime services.He is the President of Vincent P. Borrello, Jr. & Associates, Inc.

Sue Richard

CCR, RPR - 1 year Freelance

Sue Richard has been a court reporter since 1998. Sue has obtained certification with the National Court Reporters Association as a Registered Professional Reporter.

Melissa Landeche

CCR - 2 year Official

Melissa graduated from Verbatim Academy of Court Reporting in 2000. She has been a freelance reporter since 2000 and is now an Official Court Reporter.

Harold Spinner

RPR, CCR - 1 year Official

Harold has been an official and freelance court reporter since 1999, and has provided realtime for firms and the hearing-impaired community.

Rose Marie Divincenti

RPR, CCR, CRI - Historian, Immediate Past President

Rose Marie has been an official court reporter since 1980, and preceding that she was a freelance court reporter. Rosie has worked for the Supreme Court for 33 years.